Security, Speed and Ease

Offering checks as a payment method requires a solution that provides security, speed and ease. FirstClass Merchant Services powers electronic payments and solutions through proven technology and relentless ingenuity. We have the capabilities and expertise to serve as a single source for multiple services and solutions.

Throughout every step of the check transaction process, First Data’s TeleCheck ® solutions offer significant benefits for your business, including:

  • Reduce bank fees
  • Reduce labor costs
  • Improve funds availability
  • Streamline reconciliation of depository accounts
  • Make depository bank pricing more transparent
  • Eliminate the risk of stolen, lost or damaged check deposits

TeleCheck provides a broad and flexible suite of electronic and paper check processing solutions to help enable your business every step of the way. In addition to transaction processing, our TeleCheck Warranty services help provide peace of mind for your business.

Customized Check Solutions Tailored to Your Business

Whether your check acceptance solution is paper-based or electronic, TeleCheck and its affiliates have the solutions, risk management tools and experience to provide value to your business.

  • Electronic check acceptance (ECA) warranty
  • Paper check acceptance solution
  • Internet check acceptance solution
  • Telephone acceptance
  • LockBox payment
  • e-Deposit

Learn more about how First Data’s TeleCheck solutions can help streamline your operations.