Fair and Reasonable Rates from the Beginning

Our philosophy at FCMS is to give our customers fair and reasonable rates from the beginning, to always be there when they need us, and to recommend solutions that help them grow their business and streamline their operations.

At FCMS, we understand that there is not a one size fits all Merchant Account. There are many factors to consider when quoting a Merchant Account.

Your business is unique and we understand that there is not a one size fits all Merchant Account.

Some of the factors include sales volume, average ticket, number of transactions, card present vs. card not present account, processing method, and industry served. In addition, there are many different pricing models including a tiered model, bill back model, flat rate model, and an interchange pass through model.

Therefore, we do not use gimmicks or advertise our rates and fees on our website. Just because one processor promises to have a lower rate than the other, it does not necessarily mean your business will pay less. Much depends on which interchange categories actually qualify for those rates. If all this isn’t confusing enough, rates also depend on the type of card being used, and the discount rate is actually a fee, not a discount.

FCMS is dedicated to working with you to come up with a pricing model and processing method that is best for your individual business needs. On average, our customers have seen a 59% reduction of their processing fees by implementing a FirstClass Merchant Services Account.

Please give your FCMS dedicated payments specialist a call to learn more and discuss which rates and fees matter to your business the most.