They truly are first class!

It was critical that I exercised due diligence to make sure my customers were getting not just a great deal, but an honest company and great customer service from a merchant services provider. I found both with Josh Cole at FirstClass Merchant Services. I get approached daily by merchant service providers trying to sell me and make promises that they simply can not deliver. Josh is not a salesman – rather a true analyst and mentor to guide my customers to the best choice based on the way they do business. Some of my customers save thousands each month on processing fees since switching to FCMS and skipping the middleman. Josh has unshakable integrity and I feel completely confident sending my customers to him knowing they are in the best possible hands. I can’t say enough good things about Josh and my FCMS experience. They truly are first class!

Paula Mosteller
PetExec Inc.

Our credit card processing is a breeze…

We are absolutely thrilled with the service we have received from Joshua Cole and FirstClass Merchant Services. Our credit card processing is a breeze thanks to his attention to detail and superb customer service. He is so easy to reach and quickly responds to any questions I may have. We love working with him!

Heather and Hanley Crawford, Owners
Clearwater Pools

Joshua Cole makes Merchant Services sense!

I am an Auctioneer and a Mobile Solutions Distributor. I spent months trying to find someone to help me with credit card services for my Mobile Solutions business. Every time I’d fill out an application, I’d have to submit another and another . . . it was brutally time consuming!

An acquaintance glowingly referred Mr. Cole to me. He really did sound “just too good” to be true! I finally got around to calling him about a Merchant Services account for my Mobile business start-up. He set-up EVERYTHING for me and then I met him at a restaurant in Pointe Orlando to get my iPhone card reader. We laughed and joked for hours . . . he answered every question I had while explaining his unique business model. Everything he told me made perfect sense! And, that is my testimonial . . . Joshua Cole makes Merchant Services sense!

He has taken the “muddy waters” of Merchant Services and distilled it all into an art form! Sounds odd but, It’s True. Now, . . . you are feeling the same way I did when a gentleman I just met told me about Joshua Cole and his First Class Services.

Col. Franklin Welch
AU 3414 AB 3031

His (Joshua Cole) growing business exemplifies all of the right reasons that an emerging company can flourish even during recessionary economic periods.

When my young brother in law, Bill Porter, came to me in his mid-twenties with the idea of opening his own watersports pro shop, I was a skeptic. My thoughts were “The insanity of youth;” however, my logical accounting background was able to provide a sound financial projection with assurance that the venture was doable. I wished Bill well as Performance Ski & Surf of Orlando embarked upon serving the retail needs of Central Florida watersports enthusiasts. The country was experiencing an economic recession at the end of the 80s beginning of the 90s which made the business venture all the more challenging at the onset. Within a month of opening the doors, Bill asked if I would step in to assist with the financial side of his business. My visions of reckless youth were remarkably transformed as I saw Bill lean on the bonds he had formed with various people along the way that would serve to pave his path for a successful entry into the retail business.

Bill possessed the style of a “southern gentleman” who had spent his life in Florida and some of his college years in Georgia. He knew what it meant to provide the most helpful and professional service to his retail customers. Those seeking to initiate skiing, surfing or wakeboarding would get personal counseling and product guidance. Those professionals that were launching their careers in skiing and boarding would always get immediate service and attention from Bill personally. As the business grew, and staff was added, the staff that came aboard had the same style and enthusiasm for the sport and its participants and growth and overall presence in the Central Florida area.

The relationships with product owners, entrepreneurial developers of ski products, promoters and photographers, the participants and sanctioning bodies of the sports have all been a crucial element to allow Bill to work in a field that he loves and love the business that he works within.

The same way the sporting relationships smooth the daily operations, so do the behind- the- scenes support of the business. This is where individuals such as Josh Cole, First Class Relationship Manager/President comes in. Merchant processing and costing can take quite a chunk of the costs and energy of running the finances of a business. Josh was able to provide the same sort of immediate, friendly service and instruction to our employees in all aspects of the merchant accounting process. We saved a ton on the fees as well! His growing business exemplifies all of the right reasons that an emerging company can flourish even during recessionary economic periods.

Through superior customer service Performance Ski & Surf has achieved WSIA Dealer of the Year. (1993,1995,1999,2001,2003 ) WSIA Retailer of the Year: ( 2008,2009,2010 )

2012 Orlando Sentinel “Best Of” Winner – Best Sporting Goods Shop. These accolades are attainable when the operational side of running the business is seamless, and you can focus on the thrust of the business- serving the needs of your clients and allowing them to pursue what they love to do.

Nancy Porter, CFO Performance Ski & Surf of Orlando